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Your investment to become the WasagaBeachDirect.info franchisee in Wasaga Beach, Ontario

A Low Cost Proven Business Model

WasagaBeachDirect.info is already at work in Wasaga Beach, ON

WasagaBeachDirect.info offers an affordable franchise opportunity like no other in Wasaga Beach...

  • Proven revenue model
  • No inventory
  • Little or no overhead
  • Potential for immediate and significant returns
  • No limits to growth

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The Path to Success!

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Affordable Franchise Fee

WasagaBeachDirect.info's franchise fee is a fraction of most others

CityDirect.info CitySites, such as WasagaBeachDirect.info serving the Wasaga Beach market, are sold with a franchise fee based on population, the number of businesses, and other key demographic indices. This pricing model, for our franchise fees, reflects the size and income-potential of the market area covered by the franchisee's license.

An area that is more densely populated has more local buyers than a market area less densely populated. A market area that has a large number of businesses, professionals, and organizations has more potential advertisers than a market area that has less businesses, professionals and organizations. Therefore, there is a clear linkage between the demographics of a market area and the income potential for the franchisee of the CitySite that services that market area. This model ensures fairness; a franchisee licensing a CitySite representing a smaller town will pay less than if they were to license one for a larger city.

Low Initial Expenses

The WasagaBeachDirect.info franchise can brag of low start-up costs because it requires no investment in major equipment or things such as leasehold improvements

Setting up any new business always involves upfront expenses. The advantage of a CityDirect.info Franchise is that you are not required to make the major investments typically associated with many other franchised business. Ie: office, land, industrial equipment, renovations, staff.

The CityDirect.info Franchise System is designed so that it is possible to be run from a home office. While you do not need to acquire commercial office space or special equipment, you will be required to invest in some common home-based business technology. Other expenses may include; legal fees, accounting fees, phone, fax, and insurance.

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Low Recurring Expenses

The WasagaBeachDirect.info franchise can boast of low monthly costs because it requires no continual investment in inventory and very few personnel are necessary; if any at all.

As you look around at your franchise options, as a prospective franchisee, you will quickly notice that most franchise opportunities have much higher fees and require significantly higher up-front costs than does the WasagaBeachDirect.info franchise opportunity. What is equally costly but not always readily apparent are the ongoing costs that are born to the franchisee. Unlike many other franchise options the franchise opportunity with WasagaBeachDirect.info stands out as much in what it does not require as it does in what it provides.

The WasagaBeachDirect.info franchise opportunity does not:

  • require the franchisee to purchase pricey supplies or inventory directly from the franchisor.
  • require the franchisee to carry a costly lease on a storefront or office.
  • require the franchisee to staff an army of expensive employees.


Affordable franchise fee + low initial expenses + low recurring expenses = potential for immediate and significant returns

Don't buy a job with the others; invest in your future by investing in WasagaBeachDirect.info

If you do the math on most other franchise opportunities you will find that when you add up all the costs that most franchisors expect franchisees to cover above and beyond their royalties and add this to cost of paying down the initial investment most other franchise opportunities pose a serious challenge for most franchisees to reach profitability in under three to five years - if ever.

Working Capital

Working capital is often the key ingredient in any new business that determines whether it is a success or whether it comes up short of targets and goals.

As with any business, it will take time and effort to increase revenue to a level where you can be self-sufficient. How fast you generate income from the WasagaBeachDirect.info franchise opportunity will largely depend on your efforts, strategies and abilities. It is common for new business owners to set aside sufficient funds to cover living and business expenses for 6-12 months.

Time is of the essence; once this business opportunity is taken in your town, it's gone.

Initial start-up costs and revenue growth rates will be different with each CityDirect.info Franchisee. We are ready to discuss all of the costs mentioned above, as well as working capital; if you are ready click here to contact us.

Not quite ready to contact us? Follow the next step below to find out how you can get qualified for the WasagaBeachDirect.info opportunity...

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For more information please call us at 1 (866) 445-9004 and choose option 3