WasagaBeachDirect.info: Multiple reoccurring revenue streams through this home based business opportunity

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Unique Benefits of the WasagaBeachDirect.info franchise in Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Competitive Advantage of the WasagaBeachDirect.info Franchise

WasagaBeachDirect.info is a proud supporter of Wasaga Beach, Ontario

WasagaBeachDirect.info is the premier local search service for Wasaga Beach, ON. WasagaBeachDirect.info offers high-quality and up-to-date information on Wasaga Beach businesses, professionals, and organizations; from Wasaga Beach restaurants and retail, to travel, trades and community groups.

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The Path to Success!

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A Simple System for Home Based Success

The CityDirect.info Franchise Program has been specifically designed to help its franchisees to succeed and excel - even the potential to work from home.

You'll be a Wasaga Beach representative within an international network

As the franchisee of WasagaBeachDirect.info, you represent the Wasaga Beach area CitySite within CityDirect.info's international network of local CitySites. Unlike local websites that run independently, WasagaBeachDirect.info is part of a rapidly expanding web of CitySites and gains great strength from this internationally recognized network of brands.

Marketing sales is a relationship business

As the franchisee of WasagaBeachDirect.info your main role is that of marketing sales. As you build your clientele - your book of business - you will act as your client's Account Manager. The WasagaBeachDirect.info franchisee will be engaged in a relationship based business. This "people business" requires "people persons" to run them. It is the relationships that the franchisee of WasagaBeachDirect.info builds with his or her Business Members that is one of the most significant advantages this simple system has over self-service online advertising. In the franchise model strong client relationships produce strong sales.

Capitalize on multiple reoccurring revenue streams through this home based business opportunity

Generate significant recurring revenue from Business Members who you sign-up for monthly or yearly subscription-based local online marketing products. Through hard work and dedication, your goal will be to build your base of Business Members to a point where you have unlocked your financial freedom through reoccurring revenue and new business development. WasagaBeachDirect.info can empower you to both work and live in Wasaga Beach.

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The WasagaBeachDirect.info franchise provides you with numerous ways to generate revenue - even as a home based franchise. These include:

With many more services to come.

You serve your clients we take care of the rest

As the franchisee of WasagaBeachDirect.info you focus on looking after your clients and generating revenue - we'll handle the rest.

CityDirect.info takes care of:

  • Development and management of franchise model
  • Development and management of franchise systems
  • Development and improvement of the CitySites
  • Publishing and the management CitySites
  • Research into, and expansion of, product and service offerings
  • Acquisition and management of business data
  • Develop and improvement of the Centrepointe CMS
  • Marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Sales materials
  • Partnerships

Plus much more.

Less Cost and Hassle

Potentially run WasagaBeachDirect.info as a home based franchise

WasagaBeachDirect.info offers one of the most affordable local franchise opportunities in the marketplace. Unlike many traditional franchises where you are required to spend a few hundred thousand dollars just to get started, and then thousands a month on overhead and staff, a CityDirect.info franchise helps you generate immediate and substantial income. As the franchisee of WasagaBeachDirect.info you will enjoy:

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As the franchisee of WasagaBeachDirect.info you will enjoy:

  • Low franchise fee compared to many traditional franchises.
  • Low start-up costs: no major equipment, building, or leasehold improvements required.
  • Low facility costs - possible to work from home.
  • No inventory or products to purchase.
  • Few or no staff required.
  • Less accounting headaches - automated billing, collections, and accounting service available.
  • No relying on new customers walking in the door each month - enjoy reoccurring monthly revenue from advertisers on contract as you build your client base.

A Proposition Where Everyone Wins

Great exposure. Great information. Great small business.

Wasaga Beach advertisers get more for their ad budget with a more targeted audience and better response rates than traditional marketing.

Wasaga Beach residents and visitors get an easy-to-use localized CitySite with more relevant Wasaga Beach information resulting in higher satisfaction!

You, as a CityDirect.info Franchisee, get control of your career, the potential to generate significant recurring revenue, and the chance to be part of a revolutionary business that helps a lot of people. You can do this from your home in Wasaga Beach and with few costs.

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For more information please call us at 1 (866) 445-9004 and choose option 3